▢fried bacon ▢fried sausage links ▢hash browns with red pepper and onions ▢pancakes made from scratch or frozen ▢waffles made from scratch or frozen ▢French Toast Sticks prepared from frozen ▢donut holes from the bakery ▢mini cinnamon rolls from the bakery ▢cinnamon raisin bread ▢mini donuts from the bakery ▢mini bagels with whipped strawberry cream cheese ▢eggs prepared your favorite way ▢mandarin orange slices ▢blueberries


Step - 1

Select the board that will serve as the foundation.  

Decide which ingredients need to be contained in bowls. Place the bowls on the board with space in between.

Step - 2

Make preparations in advance to ensure that ingredients of the same color do not appear adjacent to one another, if at all possible.  

Step - 3

Commence constructing the board by filling in around the filled containers. Serve using forks and/or other suitable implements.  

Step - 4

Incorporate condiments such as jam, citrus juice, hot cocoa, syrup, and butter.  

Step - 5

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