3 cups your favorite crackers on a plate to the side ▢1 cup olives in a bowl to the side ▢1 cup cherry tomatoes on the side ▢1 cup dip, (we use jalapeno artichoke dip) ▢1 cup fuzzy kiwi , sliced thin ▢1 cup Colby Jack cheese cubes ▢1 cup pepperoni slices ▢1 cup green grapes ▢1 cup raspberries ▢1 cup cheddar cheese cubes ▢1 cup Spec Italiano ham, rolled (or your favorite deli meat) ▢1 cup mozzarella balls, removed from the container of water and dried lightly with a paper towel ▢1 cup golden kiwi sliced ▢1 cup strawberries, sliced ▢sage leaves, rosemary and thyme


Step - 1

Deliberate on the hues of the selected objects that you intend to arrange in a radial pattern.  

Construct your "wreath" by arranging clusters of your ingredients in a cirlular formation.  

Step - 2

After the primary circle has been constructed, insert sage leaves, rosemary, and thyme.  

Step - 3

Make ahead of time. This Christmas charcuterie wreath board is easily made ahead of time and stored as well.  


Prepare ahead of time with perishable items refrigerated (covered with plastic wrap) until you are ready for assembly.


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