6 large eggs separated ▢1 cup sugar divided ▢6 cups milk ▢2 tablespoons vanilla extract ▢½ teaspoon ground nutmeg ▢dash of salt ▢1 cup heavy cream chilled


Step - 1

Refrigerate a glass or metal mixing bowl of medium size for subsequent use.  

Using a hand mixer, whip egg whites in an additional medium basin until stiff. Sugar, 1/2 cup, is folded in a few tablespoons at a time.    

Step - 2

Egg yolks are beaten until they turn a lemon-yellow color in a large mixing basin. Add the remaining half-cup of sugar in increments of a few tablespoons. After that, combine milk, salt, vanilla, and nutmeg.    

Step - 3

The chilled dish should be removed from the refrigerator. Whip in the heavy cream until it forms delicate peaks.  

Step - 4

Whisk together the egg white and whipped cream mixtures with the egg yolk mixture using a wooden utensil. Chill for 30 minutes, or until chilled.  

Step - 5

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