Italian Monster ▢1 Foldit® Artisan Flatbread ▢mayonnaise (optional) ▢mustard (optional) ▢2 slices ham ▢1 slice salami ▢1 slice mild provolone ▢2 pimento stuffed Spanish olives Chicken and Cheese Monster ▢1 Foldit® Artisan Flatbread ▢mayonnaise (optional) ▢mustard (optional) ▢2 slices chicken (or turkey) ▢lettuce ▢1 slice cheddar cheese ▢2 black olives


Step - 1

For the Italian monster: Add the mayonnaise on one side of the flatbread, then mustard on the other. 

Step - 2

On the mayonnaise side, layer with ham, rolled salami and cheese cut to look like teeth. Use two toothpicks to hold everything in place. Top toothpicks with olives for eyes.

Step - 3

To prepare the chicken and cheese monstrosity, spread mustard on one side of the flatbread and mayonnaise on the other.  

Step - 4

Coat the mayonnaise side with chicken, lettuce, and cheese that has been sliced to resemble fangs. Utilize two toothpicks to secure the items.  

Step - 5

For the eyes, garnish toothpicks with olives.  

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